Post Primary

Secondary Education
Students in grades 9 to 12 achieve their individual potential to lead productive lives as members of their local, provincial, natinal and international community and partake of further quality education and training, having undertaken a broad range of subjects and work related activities that can be used in everyday life.

Vocational Education
Provincial Vocational and Training system shall provide vocational education and training that are demand driven to meet the relevant provincial demands for entrepreneurial informal socio-economic development sector with linkages to the secondary schools and technical college curricular.

Flexible Open & Distance Education (FODE)
A system of flexible, open and distance education that provides the Eastern Highlands people with appropriate, and affordable opportunities to further their education in a flexible, open and diastance education modes.

Provincial Plan

Major Educational Outcomes

A Relevant, affordable and quality Secondary Education provided to selected grade 8 and 10 graduates.

The flexible, open and distance mode provide alternative opportunities to the bulk of students to pursue formal education through other pathways.

A variety of institutions offering courses of varrying lengths to students completing primary education and to the wider population to gain relevant and appropriate skills to satisfy both personal and community demand.

Enrollment Projection for Secondary Education

Enrollment Projection for Vocational Education

Enrollment Projection for Flexible Open & Distance Education (FODE)